How do I get re-editing for my Standard Translation Service?


We understand that even after receiving your final edited document from AJE, you may have to make additional changes or additions before submitting it to your journal. Additionally, reviewers often require a round of revision before accepting a paper.

In the event that re-editing is necessary after receiving your target’s journal reviewers’ comments,  a new order will need to be created through your AJE account at On the "My Orders" page, find the order related to the paper that you need re-edited. Orders are listed based on their most recent completion date. Click on the words "submit for a re-edit". Re-editing of the English language of your document is eligible for a 10% discount. Re-editing deadlines are 5 business days if your document is less than 12,000 words. All deadlines shown in your account are correct and account for any holidays or other non-business days.

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