What are Methods and Data Reporting Certificates?


Methods and Data Reporting Certificates may be submitted to your journal along with your manuscript to demonstrate to reviewers that your paper meets established standards in scientific reporting and that you are presenting the highest quality version of your work. The Methods and Data Reporting Certificates specifically refer to the reporting of either your methods or data in your manuscript.

It is important to note that many papers do not qualify for Methods or Data Reporting Certification right away. Rather, our team will send you an assessment providing a comprehensive list of changes that will need to be made before the certificate can be provided. After you make those changes to your manuscript, you will receive a certificate.

If you have ordered any of our Language Editing services, you may be familiar with our Editing Certificates. While the Editing Certificate is included with any of our Language Editing services at no additional cost, Methods and Data Reporting Certificates are not included with editing and must be ordered separately for an additional fee. 

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