What types of changes does the Automated Editing Tool make?


Automated Editing is currently available only for Premium free re-edits. It will not correct every error in your paper or catch as many mistakes as a human editor would. However, it will make noticeable improvements to your paper that you will see in tracked changes. AJE's Automated Editing tool was trained using a unique dataset of thousands of scientific and technical manuscripts written by authors around the world. 

Some of the changes and corrections you can expect to see are: 

  • Changes to articles (like "the" or "an") that are used incorrectly
  • Spelling and capitalization errors
  • Awkward phrasing (e.g., "in the current time" changed to "currently")
  • Incorrect word choices (e.g., confusing "latter" and "later")
  • Incorrect prepositions (like "above" or "among") may be changed

Automated Editing will not make changes to the overall structure of your paper. It also will not change or format references or any text contained in images embedded in your manuscript. 

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