What are vouchers?


The voucher payment system

Vouchers are a payment method specifically designed for group customers with frequent orders. Vouchers allow groups to easily track expenses, and limit purchases to the service contracted by your group. 


How do vouchers work?

Your group's administrator will be provided with voucher codes from the AJE account manager. The group administrator will share these codes with members of the group who need to purchase our services. These alphanumeric codes all start with V and can be entered on the payment details page when you purchase our services.


How do I pay with a voucher?

Create your order through your AJE account. When you reach the Payment Details page, click "here" to indicate that you have a voucher code: 


Next, type or paste your code into the voucher code field and click "Use Voucher": 


What should I do if my voucher doesn't work? 

Please contact us if you have any trouble using your voucher and our support team will assist you. 

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