How do I pay with a Purchase Order?


If you would like to purchase our services with a Purchase Order, first you will need to create an account on our website. Then, you will need to create an invoice in your account. We cannot accept any payment without the corresponding registered account and invoice. 

To generate an invoice in your account there are two options:

  1. If you are ready to create your order, you can choose ‘Bank Transfer’ as the payment option. This will generate an invoice that will be available to download from your account after a few moments. You can add a purchase order number to your invoice when you enter the billing information on the payment form, or we can add the purchase order number at a later date.
  2. If you are not ready to create your order, you need to pay in advance, or you need to request the purchase order before creating the final order on our website, then you can request an invoice from us. We can add any pre-approved purchase order numbers to that invoice, or add a purchase order number at a later date. If your administration pays the invoice, then the payment will be deposited in your account as Prepay credits and you will be able to use the credits to pay for your final order. You can use this form to request the invoice.

For additional information about payment options you can see this article.

Below is an example of the bank transfer payment form you will need to fill out when you create your order: bank_transfer_payment_form.png

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