How do I use my Credits and my PrePay Account?


Using your AJE PrePay Account

AJE PrePay was designed for researchers who need to pay in advance for our services. PrePay credits can be purchased directly from your account with a credit card, PayPal, UnionPay, Alipay or WeChat Pay. If you need to purchase PrePay credits with a bank transfer, please use this form to request an invoice.

PrePay credits do not expire, and you can choose to use them on any future order. The minimum amount of PrePay credits you can purchase at one time is $100. 

Your PrePay credit balance is displayed under the AJE PrePay tab in your account.

Using Referral Rewards and Courtesy Credits

If you have any other credits in your account, such as Referral Rewards or courtesy credits, you can see them on your AJE Prepay page. These credits expire a year after they are issued. To help you use your credits before they expire, we will automatically apply them to your order. Please uncheck the box next to your credit balance if you prefer to save your credits and use a different payment method. 


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