What are Courtesy Credits and Referral Rewards Credits?


Courtesy Credits are offered after service failures or as a thank you for using AJE services. Referral Rewards credits are given for referring a friend or colleague to AJE.

Both Courtesy and Referral Rewards credits will expire after 1 year and cannot be transferred to another customer or refunded for cash. They are automatically applied to your total when you order, and may be combined with a promotional code or PrePay.

You can earn Referral Rewards by sharing the link from your account referral rewards page with your colleagues. The Referral Reward will be deposited to your account if your colleague used your link to create their AJE account and when their first order is completed.

To view your credits and their expiration date, click "Prepay" on your AJE home page and scroll down to find the section called "Courtesy, Referral Rewards, and Other Credits".






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