Will you keep my tracked changes?


When you send us a Word document for editing or translation, we will accept all of your tracked changes before we begin working on your manuscript. We will preserve all of your comment bubbles and highlighted text. 

The file we return to you will contain the following: 

  • Your comments
  • Your highlighted text
  • Your editors' tracked changes
  • Your editors' comments

The file you send us with tracked changes in it might look like this: 



The file that we return to you will look like this. Your tracked changes are gone, but your comment, as well as our tracked changes and comments, are visible: 


We understand that some journals may require you to show your changes when you resubmit a document. If you require that any changes be tracked for the purposes of showing these changes to reviewers, we suggest the following two options.

  1. You can highlight any text that has been changed since review using the highlighting function in Word.
  2. After editing, the version that was originally reviewed by the journal can be compared to the final edited version using Word's compare function, and all changes since review can be marked as "Author".




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