How do I get free re-editing for my Premium or VIP Editing order?


If you purchased Premium or VIP Editing, we will re-edit your manuscript for free until it has been published. 

To submit your manuscript for a free re-edit:

1. Log in to your AJE account.


2. Find your order on your homepage and submit your file(s) for a free re-edit. Orders are listed by their completion date.


3. On the Get Started page, please select the reason(s) for your rework request and upload the file(s) to be re-edited. In addition to your manuscript, you can upload your responses to the reviewers and journal cover letter. We will edit everything at the same time. Once you have selected your reason(s) and uploaded your files, click on the Next Step button. 

4. On the next page, please confirm the language (for editing, "English"), enter the word count of your manuscript, and then click the Confirm Details button.

5. On the Manuscript Services page, please choose between a free automated re-edit or a free re-edit by an editor. If you choose a free re-edit by an editor, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a deadline upgrade at this time. (Please note that deadline upgrades are available only for files with 1,500–12,000 words, and this option may not be available during high-volume periods such as holidays.) When you are ready, click the Next Step button.

6. On the Order Details page, please confirm the style of English (British or American), add any reference files, request abstract word count reduction if desired, and provide any final instructions before clicking the Next Step button.

7. On the Payment Details page, there will be no additional charge for editing only unless you have chosen to purchase a deadline upgrade. Simply click the Next Step button to complete your order.

Adding another Manuscript Formatting step to your free re-edit

If Manuscript Formatting was purchased with your original Premium or VIP Editing order, you can have the paper reformatted for $75. We can re-edit and reformat your paper at the same time. If you have previously ordered Manuscript Formatting, simply click on the "Re-Formatting" button on the Additional Services page before clicking the Next Step button. To ensure that this reformatting option is selected, please note the blue checkmark in the bottom right-hand corner of the light blue box, as pictured below.


On the Order Details page, please enter the new target journal name and URL.



You can then complete the order by following Steps 6 and 7 above.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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