How do I get new text translated or free re-editing for my Premium Translation order?


If you have purchased Premium Translation, we will re-edit new English text in your manuscript for free until it has been published. There is no word count limit on new English text you can submit for editing. We will also translate up to 1500 words of new text related to the original manuscript for free one time. There will be a charge for any words exceeding 1,500.

To submit your revised manuscript, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your AJE account at


2. On the "My Orders" page, find the order related to the paper that you need to be re-edited. Orders are listed based on their most recent completion date. Click on Submit for a Free Re-edit in the righthand column.


3. On the next page, you can upload your revised manuscript and select the reason for the re-edit. For a step-by-step guide to submitting your manuscript for a free re-edit, please see How do I get free re-editing for my Premium order?, which outlines this process for Premium Editing. Other files that we will edit for free alongside your revised manuscript include the following, which must be uploaded with the manuscript: 

  • Any written responses to the reviewers of this manuscript
  • Your journal cover letter for this manuscript

4. Once you have uploaded your files and answered all the questions, click on the Next Step button to complete your re-edit order. Please note that if your revised manuscript includes new text to be translated, we will contact you with the correct deadline within one business day. Re-edits with translation take longer to complete than editing new English text. 

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