What information is included in the Journal Recommendation report and what information do I need to provide?


Our Journal Recommendation Report features the following information for each recommended journal:

  • Journal scope
  • Journal impact factor
  • Article types accepted by the journal
  • A list of similar articles published by the journal
  • How well your paper adheres to the journal guidelines
  • Geographic focus of the journal
  • Link to the journal website
  • Rationale for including the journal in the report
  • How well the journal adheres to your requirements

Each report is customized to the needs of the author. Therefore, we encourage you to tell us about your specific publishing goals when you submit your order.


Tips for a successful report

  • If impact factor is important to you, please provide a specific impact factor range of 2–3 points or more. “High” and “low” impact factor ranges vary by discipline and are often subjective. By providing a broader range, we are able to provide more journals that fit your work.
  • Tell us what journals you’ve already submitted to or are not interested in publishing in.
  • If you’d prefer to publish in a particular field and your work is multidisciplinary, point us in the right direction.

What our journal experts can do

  • Identify well-matched journals that are within an impact factor range that you specify
  • Identify well-matched journals that are included in a specific index (e.g., SCIE, Web of Science, SSCI, and AHCI)
  • Identify well-matched journals that are fully open access or have an open access option

Please note the following before submitting your order

  • The Journal Recommendation service does not include Editing or Manuscript Formatting according to the journal's guidelines.
  • We cannot critically evaluate the content of your paper to determine whether it is suitable for publication in a top-tier journal.
  • We cannot guarantee that a journal we select will review or accept your paper.
  • We do not peer review your paper, so we are unable to determine the likelihood of acceptance in any particular journal.
  • We cannot provide information that is not publicly available from the publishers and editors of a given journal.
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