I don't see any changes in my paper. Did you edit it?


We edit manuscripts using Microsoft Word Track Changes. To view the edits, click on the Review tab in Microsoft Word and select Final Showing Markup (or All Markup) in the Tracking section. Make sure there is a checkmark next to Insertions and Deletions in the Show Markup dropdown menu.

You have the option to accept or reject the changes that we suggest. You can either accept or reject the changes made, one by one, by right-clicking on each change and choosing Reject Insertion/Deletion or Accept Insertion/Deletion. Additional comments from your editor will appear in bubbles along the right margin of the page.

We recommend that you read through all of the changes made to your document. To ensure that you have removed all correction marks from the document, go to the Changes section of the Review tab. You will find the option Accept All Changes in Document, which will remove all correction marks from your manuscript. 

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