What is your guarantee?


If you are not satisfied with your completed order, please contact us, and we will work with you until you are satisfied. When you contact us, please provide several specific details about what is unsatisfactory.

We guarantee that a paper that we have edited (Standard, Premium, or VIP Editing) or translated will not have English language problems. If a reviewer or journal makes a negative comment about the English in a paper that we returned to you, we will provide a free re-edit. Details on how to receive the free re-edit can be found here.

With Manuscript Formatting, we guarantee that your paper will be formatted according to your target journal’s guidelines, and we will provide comments describing any missing elements that are required before your manuscript is submitted to that journal. If the journal editor mentions any problems with the formatting of your paper, we will reformat your paper for free. Details on how to receive free reformatting can be found here.

For our Table Formatting service, we guarantee that the formatted tables that you receive will meet the stated specifications of your target journal. If the journal does have any issues with the preparation of your tables, we will resolve those issues for free. Details on how to receive free Table Formatting can be found here.

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