What do I do if a reviewer or journal editor comments on the English in my paper?


If you have ordered Standard Editing, Premium Editing, Standard Translation, or Premium Translation and have received a negative comment about the English in the paper that we returned to you, contact us and send the following files:

  • The file that the journal reviewed, i.e., the one that you submitted to your target journal
  • All of the reviewers' comments
  • The file that you have revised in response to the reviewers' comments (if changes were needed)
  • Your responses to the reviewers (if required)

Once we have this information, we will evaluate your request and contact you with a solution within one business day.

If you have purchased Premium Editing or Premium Translation, we will provide a free re-edit of English text regardless of whether changes were made to the paper. For Standard Editing and Standard Translation, our guarantee covers only text that has not been modified after our editing.

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