Who are your editors?


Our editors have or are currently completing a Masters, PhD, MD, or nursing degree from one of the top research universities in the U.S. They are native English speakers with extensive laboratory, publishing, and/or teaching experience in their field and must meet rigorous selection standards based on the quality of their writing. We also require every editor to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep your work secure. 

Our editors fall into two categories: staff editors and contractors. Staff editors have decided to make a career out of editing papers and helping other researchers get published. In addition to the subject-area expertise they learned while earning an advanced degree, they receive specialized editing training after joining our team. Because editing is their full-time job, staff editors have typically edited more papers than contract editors. 

Contract editors are usually researchers who work with AJE as their schedules allow. They do not receive the specialized training that our staff editors do. However, all editors have to pass rigorous editing tests before they begin working with us. 

No matter which type of editor works on your paper, we will ensure that your manuscript is matched to an editor in your area of study who understands your work. 

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