Do you format papers written in LaTeX?


We do offer Manuscript Formatting for LaTeX documents that are written in English. Please upload your .tex file when you create your order. We ask that you upload any related dependency files that we will need to compile your LaTeX file (e.g., figures, .sty, .cls, .bib, etc.) as reference files.

Changes will not be tracked within the edited LaTeX files themselves. We will generate a PDF of the file showing the changes that have been made to your document, including the code. Please note that producing a PDF showing the changes without the code is beyond the scope of our service.

If you prefer to see the changes tracked directly in the edited file,  you will need to send the text in a different format such as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. In this case, we also ask that you include a PDF of your manuscript that can be used as a reference.


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