How long will it take to have my paper re-edited?


If you purchased Standard Editing and you are submitting your paper for discounted re-editing, you can choose from the same selection of timelines that are available for new orders. You do not have to choose the same timeline that you selected for your original submission. The cost of the re-edit will vary depending on the timeline you choose.

If you originally purchased Premium Editing, our free re-editing service typically requires 4 or 5 business days, plus 2 or 3 additional business days if you add Manuscript Formatting to your re-edit. 

For Premium re-edits, if you need us to re-edit your paper more quickly, you can choose to pay an additional $100 to guarantee a deadline of 2 or 3 business days, depending upon the amount of text that needs to be re-edited. This deadline upgrade for Premium orders is only available for revised text under 12,000 words.


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