What is included in the word count?


When calculating the number of words in your paper, we include all of the text that will be edited or translated as well as any in-text citations. We calculate your word count automatically when you order, but you have the option to override our calculation and include special instructions if there are sections you don't need us to work on. We do not include any sections of your manuscript that will not be edited or translated, such as:

  • Reviewers’ comments
  • Numeric data in tables
  • Any sections that you specifically instruct us to omit
  • The reference list or bibliography 
    • If you order Chinese translation and the reference list is in Chinese, we will include the reference list in the word count.

To find the word count you can delete all the sections that won't be edited and use the Word Count tool in Microsoft Word. Be sure to check the box to include footnotes and endnotes.

You can include supplementary materials and cover letters related to your main manuscript, but we only accept one paper per order. Multiple manuscripts will need to be submitted separately. 

Our support staff would be happy to confirm your word count and price if you contact us



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