Do you edit LaTeX documents?


We are pleased to offer editing and formatting for your LaTeX files in English.

How to submit your LaTeX file

To submit a manuscript for editing directly in LaTeX, click on “Get Started” on any page or “Submit a manuscript” from your account. 

Upload only your LaTeX file when prompted to upload your file here:


On the next page, the word count should be automatically calculated and you can select the services you want to purchase.

Then, on the order details page, upload a PDF copy of the file as well as a compressed (.zip or .rar) file with all of the dependencies needed to compile your LaTeX file (e.g., .bib, .csl, .sty, .jpg, .tif).




Tracked changes

Please note: Changes will not be tracked within the edited LaTeX files themselves. If possible, we will generate a PDF of the file showing the changes that have been made to your document, including the code. Please note that producing a PDF showing the changes without the code is beyond the scope of our service.

However, if you would like to generate a compare file that shows the changes in a PDF format that resembles the compiled LaTeX file, we recommend the Perl script latexdiff script for this purpose. For more information on how to use latexdiff to generate a compare PDF, please refer to the following article on AJE Scholar: "How Can I Track Changes in My Edited TeX File?"

Otherwise, if you prefer to see the changes tracked directly in the edited file, you will need to send the text in a different format such as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. In this case, we also ask that you include a PDF of your manuscript that can be used as a reference.

LaTeX Word Count

Our system will automatically calculate the word count of your file, omitting the preamble, marked-out text, numeric tables, large stand-alone equations, and code for inserting tables and figures. Then count the remaining words.

We will also omit LaTeX code that is easy to identify and pull out; however, any commands that are embedded in the text are included in the word count because we still have to edit around them, so they do effectively contribute to the word count as far as our editing effort is concerned.

If there is any text you do not want to be edited, please mark it "commented out" by using the % sign at the beginning of sentences that do not require editing.

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