Do you support reference manager software like Endnote?


Endnote is the only reference software that we currently support. If you used EndNote to format all of your references, we will work within EndNote software to ensure that your references match the guidelines of your target journal. If you used a different reference manager software program, or if some of your references are not formatted with Endnote, then we are unable to maintain active field coding of references.

How to export your EndNote library from a formatted file:

1.) Open your manuscript in Microsoft Word.

2.) Click on the EndNote tab in Word.

3.) Next, click on "Export to EndNote," and then click "Export Traveling Library."

4.) Click on the option to add “A new EndNote library."

5.) A new window will appear. Type the name of your library into the blank box.

6.) Next, your manuscript's reference list will be automatically imported into EndNote.

7.) You will see the words "Export complete" when the process is complete.

8.) Click the word "OK" and you should now be able to use your formatted EndNote library.

9.) To prevent your reference management software from automatically changing the format of your citations and bibliography, we suggest that you turn off instant formatting in the EndNote tab of Microsoft Word upon opening your document.

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