What are the differences between Standard and Premium Editing services?


Both Standard and Premium Editing include editing by a subject-specific editor. Standard Editing will correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage errors, and phrasing. However, we will not try to improve the flow of your paper as we would for a Premium submission. All Standard submissions are eligible (but not guaranteed) to earn an Editing Certificate. With Standard Editing, you can receive a 10% discount on a re-edit for any revisions.

With Premium Editing, we will also correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, word use errors, and phrasing. Additionally, we will improve connections between sentences and the flow of the sentences. We may point out sentences in the document that require rewriting by the authors, such as phrases that are vague, confusing, or incomplete. We will also provide you with a letter that addresses the most important areas of concern in your paper. This letter highlights the types of changes your editor made and helps to explain why these changes were made.

Premium Editing also includes the support of an AJE Research Communication Partner who can provide you with personal assistance and answer any questions that arise during the process. Because Premium Editing is so thorough, we guarantee that Premium papers will receive an Editing Certificate. Furthermore, we will provide you with unlimited free re-edits until your paper is published. Overall, Premium Editing provides more robust editing support and is designed for customers who are seeking more comprehensive assistance with their manuscript.

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