Will you help me re-edit my paper?


We understand that even after receiving your final edited document from AJE, you may have to make additional changes or additions before submitting it to your journal. Additionally, reviewers often require a round of revision before accepting a paper.

If you use our Standard Editing service, you may resubmit your paper to us for a re-edit for any Editing service at a 10% discount. Our Advanced Editing includes a 50% discount to re-edit your paper with Advanced or Premium Editing.

If you select our Premium Editing service, we will re-edit your work for free until your manuscript is published. Note that Premium free re-edits are designed to help you progress through the revision and review process for one type of manuscript without worrying about language errors. If you need to make substantial changes to manuscript structure or content such as those required to move from a grant proposal to a research article, you will need to create a new order for the new manuscript type.

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