Will you help me reduce the word count of my paper?


Words often need to be added during editing to improve a manuscript's clarity. For that reason, reducing the overall word count of your manuscript is not included in any of our editing services. 

However, our Premium Editing service can help you reduce the word count of your abstract by cutting unnecessary words and offering suggestions for concise phrasing. If we are unable to reduce your word count sufficiently in the initial round of editing, we will re-edit the abstract for free after you make additional deletions. Please include instructions about the word count limit for your abstract when you upload your paper through your AJE account. In general, our editors cannot reduce the length of the abstract by more than 10%.

Standard Editing does not include word count reduction in either the abstract or the rest of your paper, although our editors do try to suggest more concise phrasing when appropriate.

We have several free resources to help you reduce the word count in your manuscript:

Make a Great First Impression: 6 Tips for Writing a Strong Abstract

Ways to Reduce the Word Count in an Abstract

More Easy Ways to Reduce Word Counts

More Suggestions for Concise Writing



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