How can an AJE Research Communication Partner help me?


AJE Research Communication Partners (RCPs) provide the following services for all AJE customers:

  • Answer questions about the work completed on your paper
  • Provide information about deadlines and the scope of our services
  • Collaborate with AJE service owners to ensure that your special requests are met (within the scope of the services that you have purchased)
  • Provide personalized advice and assistance with commonly encountered problems related to manuscript writing and publication by providing access to white papers and AJE Scholar articles

AJE RCPs provide the following additional services to AJE Premium Editing customers:

  • Help you interpret journal guidelines 
  • Provide assistance communicating with journal editors when needed and with your permission
  • Answer general questions about the publication process (e.g., “I submitted my paper a month ago. Why hasn’t the journal responded?”)
  • Help you understand reviewer comments
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