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This guide provides instructions on how to connect and use Curie within the Research Square platform. The partnership allows Curie users to use editing features on their current and future manuscripts on Research Square.


How do I connect my Research Square account to Curie?

  1. Log Into Research Square: Access your account by logging in at Research Square:
  2. Select a Manuscript: From your dashboard, choose an existing article. You can also start a new draft here [].
  3. Navigate to Language Quality: In the sidebar, click on the 'Language Quality' page for your chosen manuscript.
  4. Check Compatibility: If your manuscript is compatible with Curie, please wait while Curie finishes checking your document.
  5. Activate Curie: Click on 'Try Curie For Free' to proceed.
  6. Login to Curie: You will be redirected to the Curie platform to log in or create a new account.
  7. Finalize Connection: Once logged in, your Curie account will automatically be connected to your Research Square account. A notification will alert you if the connection is unsuccessful.
  8. Use Curie: Return to the 'Language Quality' page on Research Square to download your edited manuscript.

Note: While linking your Research Square account to Curie is always possible, ensure that your Curie account has access to editing to be able to download edited documents on Research Square. You can check and manage access to Curie’s features on your plan details page:

How do I disconnect my Curie account from Research Square?

If you wish to disconnect your Curie account from Research Square, please contact and our support team will assist you with the process.

How do I use Curie on my manuscripts?

After you have connected your Research Square account to Curie:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your Research Square account and go to your dashboard. Access it directly at 
  2. Select Your Manuscript: Select a manuscript that you want to improve. This can be an existing article or a new draft.
  3. Navigate to Language Quality: In the sidebar, find and click on the 'Language Quality' page for your selected manuscript.
  4. Use Curie: If your manuscript is compatible with Curie, wait until Curie has finished checking your document.
  5. Download Edited Document: After Curie finishes, the option to 'Download Your Edited Document' will appear. 
  6. Review Suggestions: Curie‘s suggestions are delivered as tracked changes. Remember to review Curie's suggestions carefully when deciding whether to accept them.
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