Managing documents in the Curie workspace (on the Web)


The workspace

The Curie workspace is divided into two tabs: one tab for checking English documents and another tab for translating documents. Within both the check and translation sections of the workspace, you can begin new checks or translations, access and manage past checks or translations, and monitor the status of checks or translations actively in progress. 

Each document you check or translate is represented in the workspace by a card, identifiable by the file name of the uploaded document. 

Each card also reports the status of the translation or check, the time the translation or check was started, and presents a number of actions you can take with the card. These actions are:

  • Download: Download the checked or translated file
  • Details: see additional information related to this card
  • Delete: remove the card and the data associated with it, including the initially uploaded document.
  • What is this file?: a link to Help Center documentation about Curie. You are here now.
  • Get additional services: A link to AJE’s suite of professional services performed by human expert editors and translators.

Document status

Once a translation or check is started on a document, it can have the following statuses:

  • In progress: the translation or edit is still taking place and the available actions for that document are limited.
  • Edited or Translated: the translation or check is finished and available for download. 
  • Failed: The translation or check could not be completed. Select the information icon to the right of the error to learn more about the problem.

Downloading documents

To access a complete translation or check, select Download in the card of the desired document. This will save the translated or checked document to your device. You can then open the downloaded document in the word processor of your choice.

Deleting documents

To delete any uploaded document, select More > Delete. This will remove the uploaded document and any translated or checked document created from the uploaded document. This action cannot be undone.

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