How Curie works


Artificial Intelligence (AI) models used in Curie

Curie’s in-house machine learning models are trained on AJE’s experience with the manual editing of academic manuscripts by our field experts. Our models are designed to assist human authors and editors in refining text and avoiding inconsistencies.

Where Curie can be used

With an AJE account and a Curie subscription, you can use Curie both on the web and in Microsoft Word.

Frequently asked questions

Do you use Generative AI technology?

Curie does not currently use generative AI models. Our machine-learning models classify or predict accurate changes or suggestions based on existing information rather than generate new information or text strings.

Will you use my documents to further train your models?

As stated in our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to do so either now or in the future. However, in practice, our Curie models are built on the revisions made to documents by professionally trained language experts with in-depth academic and research backgrounds, not on raw inputs from your documents.

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